Ervaringen en meningen van anderen

Piet Maasland – Interim manager / expertise in improvement of the business development cycle

“Pieter has a talent for bringing people and companies together, to exchange views and share best practices in the area of automation. The International Society of Automation has set the ISA-95 standard to bridge the gap between “factories” and “offices” (between industrial automation and ERP systems). Pieter is the founder of the website, which is extremely valuable to users and technology partners worldwide. Pieter is respected by many for his fabulous creativity in marketing and communication”

August 30, 2010, Piet was with another company when working with Pieter at TWP training

Gerard Alders – Advanced Productivity Solutions

“There are only a few people I know who are continuously at the forefront of adapting innovative concepts, improve them and manage to get them out of the lab into the real world. Pieter is one of them. His latest adventure is creating a state of the art learning 3.0 environment which, I am sure, will be a great success.”

April 12, 2012, Gerard was with another company when working with Pieter at Actemium Open College

Peter Jacobs – Meerkat – Bring people´s potential to performance.

“In sales you can recognise shepherds and hunters. Most salesmanagers are good in one of these two roles. Pieter is one of the exceptional persons I know who excels in both roles and has the capability to teach en coach others in it. Besides that he is a very kind and warm person to work with.”